The village sign and flag

The village sign
There are three gold cereal spikes with leaves growing up from three green hills in blue field, over which is spanning silver beam with three black lilies.
The village flag
Leaf of flag is vertically divided in the rate of 1:1:1. The midle blue strip depict a yellow stand up cereal spike with two leaves on a three green hills. In side white fields is depict always one black lily.
Explanation of used symbols - Three black lily in silver beam are assumed from coat - of - arms of noble Kunas from Machovice family, which owned the village Slatina in the years 1691 - 1767. Kunas family which built a small casttle in Slatina (wrecked in 19th century) had writen down themselves to the history of village above all by establishing of independent Jewish community and by permiting to establish not far off the village also a Jewish cemetery in 1723. The existence of Jewish community in Slatina is reminded of up to the present day except cemetery also by the former synagogue situated in the center of village. Three green hills implies the location of the village Slatina in the southwest foreland of the Centralbohemian upland and a triad of cereal spikes implies the largely agricultural character of the municipality.