The village Slatina is situated southwest from the capital of Czech Republic - Prague, about 1.5-2 hours by car in the direction to Strakonice, Blatná, Horaždovice. Slatina by Horaždovice was established in the half of 12th century (about a year 1150) and belongs with few others to the oldest communes in the area. Besides construction of the church court by the St. George`s monastery there was build a wooden church about year 1220. It was the first in the area. St. George`s monastery owned the court in Slatina till the year of 1254. The church in Slatina was burned out by Hussite troops in 1421, when Hussite commander (Žižka) led his army to the Rábí castle. The village Slatina had 11 owners throughout the centuries. The last owners were lords from Chanovice, baron Goldegg (1948) in the concrete.

The indivisible part of the village is its Jewish history beginning in the early 17th century, when owner of Slatina, Kunáš from Machovice begins the consecutive settlement of Jews in Slatina. He offered them free construction plots for building their own houses, which later became the base of Slatina ghetto. A cemetery was built close to the commune in 1723. The old small wooden synagogue has been replaced in 1868 by new brick larger one. The remains of Jewish ghetto, synagogue and cemetery create thanks its unusual dimensions a very unique complex.

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